I’m a Software Engineer and Solo Legal Tech Founder who is excited about software and its potential to make people’s jobs easier. I’m particularly interested in studying areas where software adoption and usability have lagged behind and learning whether a deeper understanding of these domains can unlock technology’s untapped potential. Before I became an engineer, I was a partner at a major law firm, specializing in tax issues for investment funds and real estate investors.

Visit the homepage of Sapphire LTS for more information about my business, or check out a preview version of Sapphire Filings, our soon-to-be-launched tool for managing tax filings and collaborating about them across organizations.

I’m available to consult with law firms and accounting firms about improving the performance and usability of the software tools used by their professionals or to develop custom tools to meet your particular requirements. I’m also pursuing opportunities for full time employment as a software engineer.

If you’re interested in working together or just talking about software, just drop me a line.